Month: April 2017

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Free Online Tools for Website Owners

When you are running a business it can be hard to keep on top of all of the important jobs associated with owning a website. From getting your pages indexed in the search engines, to managing your social media pages, there are many routine tasks that need to be done in order to maintain an […]

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High Quality Writing for Your Website is Essential

Since the change in Google’s approach to page ranking, there has been a lot of talk about ‘quality content’. In this context, the phrase refers to ensuring that the pages of your website are filled with original, useful content, rather than strings of sentences stuffed with keywords with the sole objective of rising up the […]

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Using Social Media in Business

Social media is now important more than ever. To integrate social media with other channels of communication might be a good idea for most businesses. Companies, organisations and employers have to be where the people are. It is vitally important – especially for smaller businesses – to be visible and active on social media such […]

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The Christmas corporate e-card: a worthwhile festive mail-out?

Most people consider the quantity of emails they receive to be excessive. Around the end of December the email levels dip a little as the festive season tends to be quiet for product launches for many industries. However by the beginning of December a new load of emails starts pinging into people’s mailboxes: the Christmas […]

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Pop-up ads: an irritation or a threat to online businesses?

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes for people using the internet are pop-up ads, particularly ones that suddenly spring into life and take over your screen. For me it always feels like an incredibly self-important person has decided to rip your newspaper from your hands before trying to engage you in an unrelated conversation at […]

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