As a small business owner, do I need a top-spec computer?

As a small business owner, do I need a top-spec computer?

The development of technology is such that within a few months, what was once top of the range is old news. That 4K TV that was £3,000 at Christmas is now on sale for £800 and your year-old phone is now a source of embarrassment for your nephew. It is the same for computers, but one thing that doesn’t change too rapidly is the amount of computing power we actually need.

The great thing is that if you can work out precisely what you want to use your next computer for, you can make some great savings. It’s all too easy to be swayed by brand names, latest graphics cards, gigabytes of processing power and storage, and forget that in all likelihood you will be using the thing mostly for internet browsing and Microsoft Office.

As the capabilities of top of the range computers increases, along with their prices, so the power of computers in the bottom end of the market increases, meaning that many laptops that now cost £300 can outperform £1000 laptops from 5 years ago.

Depending on your needs it is still well worth considering a PC. They are often even better value than laptops, will last longer, and it is easier to upgrade and maintain them. They may seem like an old fashioned choice, but if you’re not planning on taking the laptop out of the house, a PC is probably a better option.

So what should you look out for when contemplating your next purchase? Firstly, even the lowest-spec laptop or PC is going to offer enough power to comfortably handle internet browsing and Microsoft Office duties, so unless you think you will be doing pro-level image or music editing work, 4GB of RAM and an entry-level processor (e.g. i3) will be fine. In terms of storage, if all you are likely to be saving are Word files and some images, most basic laptops and PCs already offer you 500GB to 1TB drives, so you will never have to worry about filling that amount of space up.

One thing to look out for is a solid state drive (SSD). These have no moving parts and make computers run much more smoothly. Like many of the features mentioned, they used to be very expensive, but prices have plummeted, so if you can afford a computer that includes an SSD, it’s worth going for as it is less likely to fail and will improve performance. Alternatively a hard drive can be taken out and replaced with an SSD at a later date.

Running your own business should never automatically mean having to spend thousands on a computer. Thankfully, these days software companies have made processes such as keeping accounts and communications much more straightforward, and running your company website is just one of those tasks that has become simpler.

Rosco Digital Media uses the most stable and easy-to-use software available for all its great-looking websites. This means they are incredibly easy to maintain and keep up-to-date, leaving you to concentrate on running the rest of your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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