How to pass data between ViewControllers in Swift

**UPDATE** This post is a couple years old now, I am working on an update ASAP to make this compatible with Swift 3! A question I have been asked a lot by people relatively new to iOS development is “how do I pass data/variables between ViewControllers in Swift?”, this short tutorial aims to show you […]

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How to override CSS styles in WordPress

Here’s one I get asked a lot, “My WordPress CSS isn’t working” or “Wordpress colour changes are not showing”. You’ll be please to know that there is a simple solution that I am going to share with you. Many people use WordPress for its ease of use to set up a website, however, sometimes when […]

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How To Start Freelancing Without A Portfolio

So you have a skill, you have decided to take the jump and go freelance, now all you need is clients. No matter which route you choose to find clients, without a portfolio, this is going to be difficult, not impossible though. When I started I had no solid portfolio to kick start my freelance […]

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