Branded stationery is still important in the digital age

Branded stationery is still important in the digital age

In a world full of QR codes and viral ads it might seem very 1980s to consider marketing your small business through branded stationery, but you’d be wrong to write it off (excuse the pun, there).

Anyone who has to travel to trade shows as part of their business, for instance, will know that branded stationery is alive and well and still proves to be a popular way of attracting people to their stands. In the end, people still love free stuff – and if there is a free pen or note pad to be had, people will make sure they stop by your stand.

The great thing is that some companies are starting to be a little more adventurous with the types of products they are branding, acknowledging the fact that people might want something a little more modern than a pen. Branded USB memory sticks are now common place (though people now expect at least a 4GB version), as are USB chargers for cars. These offer the opportunity to make sure your brand becomes familiar and associated with usefulness as well as being modern and fun. Equally if you want to promote the sustainability credentials of your business there are many sustainable products available with which to do this, either made from recycled materials or using solar power.

However, pens and notepads and the like are still very effective ways of increasing your brand awareness. People might not use pens and paper quite as much as they used to, but that just means these objects hang around for longer, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the branded company.

Designing branded stationery is one of the many services offered by Rosco Digital Media. We will make sure that your company’s ethos is matched perfectly with the right item and that your logo stands out from the crowd. Contact us today to help your company boost its marketing strategy through branded stationery.

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