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Do I really need super-fast internet with massive download limits at home?

The thing with technology is that developers are constantly trying to be the biggest, smallest, fastest available on the market. They rely on early adopters to create the buzz among consumers and from that the envy which makes everyone want to keep up with the Joneses. But as we’re seeing within the smartphone market, the […]

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Five Great iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

iPhones have transformed the way mobile phones are used, and one of the key reasons for this is the App store. These neat little, independently-made pieces of software have exploited the fact that smartphones are really mini computers that can process large amounts of data quickly, allowing them to perform functions way beyond the phones […]

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Using Printed Media to Market Your Small Business

While you attempt to make headway with marketing your business, it’s very easy to forget some of the more traditional forms of marketing and focus all your energy online. After all, it’s the future, right?   Well, yes and no. Promoting your business online is incredibly effective, and you can reach people far easier, but […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for small business owners

As we approach January 1st, many people will be planning New Year’s Resolutions. The most common challenges are to diet, get more exercise, or cut down on unhealthy habits. All of these can have a really positive effect on your life and result in more energy and enthusiasm to get the new year started. As […]

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Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

When you first launched your website, it probably looked great and performed exactly as you needed it to. A new website can make your overall business look professional, and will really help create your brand identity. However, the Internet is a very fast paced environment, and the unfortunate reality is that a new design only […]

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