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High Quality Writing for Your Website is Essential

Since the change in Google’s approach to page ranking, there has been a lot of talk about ‘quality content’. In this context, the phrase refers to ensuring that the pages of your website are filled with original, useful content, rather than strings of sentences stuffed with keywords with the sole objective of rising up the […]

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The Rise of the Silver Web Surfer

Generations have now grown up with the internet as a big part of their everyday life. The newest addition to the web is however an older generation – the ‘silver surfers’ and grandparents, those over 65. It is interesting to see in which direction the internet is going, as it is in constant change. A […]

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Build it and they might come

There are many quotes from films that have a lasting effect and end up becoming catchphrases for teenagers and business gurus alike. I can honestly say that I have cringed at such phrases as “To infinity…and beyond!”, “You talkin’ to me?” and even worse still “Yeah baby, yeah!” at business seminars and conferences over the […]

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