Choosing the Right Fonts for your Website

Choosing the Right Fonts for your Website

Most small business owners are aware of the need to create a strong sense of brand for their company. A memorable name and recognisable logo are now two of the first things that every new business has in place right from the start. Giving careful thought to how every element of your brand is perceived, from your small business website design to the signature on your emails, can only help your company create a strong sense of brand identity.
One area that is often overlooked by budget web design customers is the impact that fonts can have. The fonts that you choose are not only important in your logo design, but also the main ‘body’ text and titles right across your website. There are many thousands of different fonts to choose from, which is why people often stick to what they know and go with Arial or Calibri because they are familiar, and often the default choice for word processors and email systems.

If it Ain’t Broke – The Staying Power of Arial

There is a reason why Arial is the most used font in the world. It is very easy to read, still looks modern, and it doesn’t have any strong stylistic characteristics. What’s not to like? People have differing views on whether or not to use Arial, and many consider it to be too mainstream and standard. However, as a body text for website copy it is extremely reliable and easy to read, which is why it is still so popular.

Serif or Sans-Serif

For those of you who don’t already know this, ‘serif’ means the little lines that sit on the end of letters on some fonts. Fonts are either serif or sans-serif (without serif) – which therefore means with or without the little lines on the end of the letters. As most people will know just by looking at the different styles, serif fonts are perceived as being much more old-fashioned, classical or ‘upper class’. Sans-serif on the other hand are much more modern and easier to read.
Whilst sans-serif fonts are used much more frequently for body text, serif fonts are still widely used for stylistic purposes in graphic design, logos and titles. If you want to give the impression that something is luxurious, historical, or even outdated, serif fonts will really help.

Font Formatting

Capitals, italic, bold, underline – these are all very simple and common font formatting options which can produce effective results when used well. Affordable web design doesn’t need to mean that you sacrifice on the quality of the finish, and often it’s the subtle things like this that can make the overall impact of a website appear much more professional.
Attention to detail is the key that can make the difference with web design for small business, and paying attention to every element on the page will really help to engage potential customers.

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