Do I really need super-fast internet with massive download limits at home?

Do I really need super-fast internet with massive download limits at home?

The thing with technology is that developers are constantly trying to be the biggest, smallest, fastest available on the market. They rely on early adopters to create the buzz among consumers and from that the envy which makes everyone want to keep up with the Joneses.

But as we’re seeing within the smartphone market, the pace of change has dropped off a cliff, meaning that the last couple of versions of Samsung’s Galaxy series and the iPhone have only had small, incremental improvements on their predecessors, so many people are simply not bothering to upgrade. So, until there’s a significant advancement in available technology, there won’t be many new releases that can be considered truly groundbreaking.

In a similar way, broadband services have matured to the point where even a basic 6 Mbps package will probably do everything you need. If you’re considering upgrading to something like the BT Infinity service, tempted by their claims of 76 Mbps, it is worth considering whether the way you use your broadband really justifies the additional outlay.

In order to stream HD video, use Skype etc you only need 4 or 5 Mbps of bandwidth, so that would leave you with an awful lot of unused bandwidth. However, if you have a large family with lots of media devices all competing for space, then the extra availability becomes useful.

But be careful when reading all the claimed figures. They are based on optimum conditions, which in all likelihood will never happen. Variables such as distance from the street cabinet, number of other lines connected, and the condition of the copper cable will all potentially reduce your speed to much less stratospheric figures.

The same goes for your small business. Just because you have set up your own company, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to upgrade your broadband supply. The main factors you need to consider are reliability and whether the demands you put on its bandwidth and data limits are likely to increase. In most cases, unless you’re going to be conducting a load of video meetings, a solid domestic service with minimal downtime will be fine for a small business.

Data download limits are important to consider because they have not increased significantly over recent years while the amount of data people consume has. Several gigabytes can disappear after a couple of films have been streamed, so do ensure you’re aware of your limits and how quickly they’re being used up. You don’t want to be stung by unexpected penalty charges!

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