E-mail Marketing: Getting it Right

E-mail Marketing: Getting it Right

It’s amazing how quickly new technology can become a burden. Think about how exciting receiving your first email was, all those years ago (not actually that long ago, considering!). Today, the vast majority of emails are considered spam, and among those that are not pure spam a huge percentage are left unopened.

Standing out from the crowd

Marketing via email, therefore, is incredibly difficult as it is up to you to make yourself stand out, when all you really have to work with is the line of text that someone scan-reads in their inbox. Of course, that makes the text you put in there vitally important, but that would easily take up an entire blog of its own. However, the other vital aspect to this is to make sure the data you have is top notch. By working hard to (legally) get hold of the email addresses of people who are genuinely interested in your industry and would like to hear about your products and services you hugely increase the chances of people opening and responding to your mailouts.
Even then, you will probably be surprised by how few open them (we’re talking less than 30%) and the click-through rates much lower again, but by ensuring the quality of your data is up to scratch, the responding people are likely to be high value.

Numbers: Only Half of the Story

The vast majority of email marketing tries to entice the recipient onto the sender’s website via click-throughs. In order to achieve this, the content has to be suitably enticing, which often isn’t the case. There are various strategies to do this, and some may be successful at getting click-throughs, but not necessarily in a positive way. For instance, using vague or slightly misleading intros to stories might draw people in through curiosity, but ultimately they will be disappointed and that will reflect badly on your business. This isn’t just getting high numbers of people onto your site, it’s about getting high quality people onto your site who intend to do business with you.
So, you need to present the content of your mailout very carefully and (as is the case with your website), think from the mindset of your ideal customer. What recent products have you brought online? What makes them special? What sale terms can you offer respondents? Any new blog postings?
Staff at Rosco Digital Media have a rich history of managing email marketing campaigns for some high level businesses in the UK. We understand the intricacies of conducting successful projects that deliver results, and we ensure the emails themselves are designed in line with all your existing media portfolio. Contact our team today and discover the true power of email marketing.

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