Eight Annoying Things About the Internet

Eight Annoying Things About the Internet

We all use websites, probably several times a day (at least), and as with most things in life, familiar things begin to annoy us. When working on a small business website design or social media strategy, it is important to make sure that you avoid the common mistakes that many people find annoying on the web. So what things come at the top of that list?

1. Pop ups

OK, we understand that it’s a constant battle for many news sites to monetize their operations, but why do they think it’s reasonable to have an ad fill your entire field of vision while attempting to read an article? Simple answer, it’s not.

2. Held hostage

You’ve landed on a website and realised it’s a load of rubbish. Think you can just press that little arrow to back your way out of there? Think again. No amount of back clicking is getting you out, so you’ll just have to close the browser window and start all over again. Annoying!

3. Password overload

Having to sign in to use a site used to ensure a measure of security. Unless you happen to be able to memorise a pack of cards it just means that you’re going to have to use one of the three passwords you use for about 25 sites. So when your password finally gets hacked, the lucky recipient is going to have access to a whole load more private data. Great!

4. Contact details

We’ve tried to drive this home on Rosco in a number of blogs, but if you want people to trust you, you must make it easy for them to find your contact details. Having contact details in miniscule text in the bottom right hand corner of the page, and then using a PO Box address alongside a gmail account just won’t cut it either.

5. Enquiry form

The next worst thing to having no contact details is having an enquiry form as the only option. This tells the customer you only like interacting with them on your terms, which doesn’t necessarily instill confidence or willingness to part with any cash.

6. Would you like to fill in a short survey…?


7. YouTube comments

I’m actually struggling to put into words quite how stupid the majority of people who write YouTube comments actually are. Reading a stream of comments on YouTube is like reading the toilet wall at a young offenders centre, though with worse spelling. Dispiriting and astonishing in equal measures.

8. Facebragging

Did you realise that some of your friends lead unbelievably perfect lives? Well, the constant posting of homebaked cakes, fitness updates, and carefully stage managed photos of their gorgeous families would indicate that they do.
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