Five clear signs a website is unloved

Five clear signs a website is unloved

The pace of change within the internet has been incredible. However, some people are resolutely resistant to change; turning their websites into a time capsule from the early 2000s. Although these websites offer some curiosity value, they do nothing to sell the qualities of the person or business that owns them, so it is important to make sure you don’t fall into one of the following traps:

1. The ‘news’ section was last updated 3 years ago.

A news page is a great way for any small business to tell visitors about new employees, new products and services. It doesn’t take much to update it as and when something vaguely interesting happens, and no one expects daily news from all but the largest of companies, so it just makes a company seem a bit tired when a news page goes untouched for years on end.

2. Ancient copyright date

OK, not everyone will notice, but quite a few will and a copyright date older than a year or two at the bottom of the screen is a giveaway that the site has been left to fester for quite a while.

3. Broken links

It doesn’t take long for links to fail and end up taking people to empty pages. A well-maintained site will have these removed quickly to make sure people aren’t led a merry dance around the internet. Make this a priority if your site suffers from broken links or empty pages as it reflects very badly on your business!

4. Slow loading

If your site takes a long time to load, the chances are many of your potential visitors have clicked back and tried somewhere else before they’ve even had a chance to browse your homepage. If you know that your site is slow and done nothing about it, consider yourself a neglectful website owner!

5. Dated appearance

This isn’t to say that it’s impossible to have a perfectly serviceable website that was built 10 years ago. But it’s likely that it will be missing all the social network capabilities that people expect to see today and it will not be optimized for mobile devices. Also modern websites are much, much easier and more pleasant to use for both the website owner and the user.
At Rosco Digital Media, you can be certain that your new website will be easy to maintain, making it much less of a chore to keep your site looking fresh and inviting. Contact us today to find out more.

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