Five early internet memories

Five early internet memories

Fifteen years ago, nearly all of us were still in the introductory stage with the internet. It was a novel thing you used in libraries and these new internet café things.
Since then, it has swallowed up the majority of everyday life so that even our fridges are connected to the internet and any obscure piece of knowledge is accessible to anyone with a smart phone.
Take yourself back in time to those days when you knew how to use a pen:

1. Dial-up modem connection noise

The sound of R2D2 falling down an infinitely deep well. At the time it sounded incredibly futuristic; as if making a direct connection with another world of robot servants and jet packs. Now it just evokes memories of endlessly waiting to download a single page of text.

2. Not being able to use the landline at the same time

“Darling, can you get off the computer? I need to phone Nan.” Sigh.

3. Your first email

Ping! “You have a message!” How could something so incredibly exciting become so mundane? This is perhaps the spammers’ biggest crime, that they have destroyed the memory of a short period in time when sending and receiving email had the elegance and glamour of air travel in the 1950s. Perhaps it didn’t, but it almost seems that way now.

4. Shopping on line

Even some of the earliest services like Compuserve had an online shopping facility. The concept of being able to use your computer to order music, clothes, and even holidays was hard to grasp at first. Nowadays it’s the first option for many as e-commerce sites multiply by the second while high street shops are increasingly empty.

5. Friends Reunited

This was probably the first social network that most people in the UK joined. Immediately you could see the pros and cons of internet social networking – it’s great for keeping in contact with people, but sometimes there are people you don’t want to stay in contact with. Friends Reunited nearly got it right, but was ultimately limited by its fairly narrow concept. Attempts to revive it are still ongoing, but the internet has moved on.
The team at Rosco Digital Media is a little strange in that each and every one of us still retains that early excitement for the internet. We know that the full potential of the internet is a long way off, and we look forward to bringing that potential to small business owners like you. Contact us today to discuss your website needs with one of the team at Rosco.

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