Five Great iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

Five Great iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

iPhones have transformed the way mobile phones are used, and one of the key reasons for this is the App store. These neat little, independently-made pieces of software have exploited the fact that smartphones are really mini computers that can process large amounts of data quickly, allowing them to perform functions way beyond the phones of a few years ago. Here are five iPhone Apps that can benefit small business owners.

ABBYY Business Card Reader for iPhone – £3.99

If you’re in an industry where business cards are handed to you on a regular basis, you will understand how unwieldy they can become as they stack up into piles on your desk. In the past you would probably have considered a Rolodex, but these days the solution is much more sophisticated. This App utilises your iPhone’s camera to gather all the information it needs from the card and stores it in an easy-to-use filing system.

MozyPro – £7 per month subscription

One of the biggest concerns for business owners is making sure that all the data you have accumulated remains safe. MozyPro offers a very straightforward data protection service, enabling you to schedule backups whenever suits you, for computers and servers. The App can also sync devices to make sure files are available when they are needed no matter which device you pick up.

ReceiptBank – Free 14-day trial

The claims by the developers of this App will certainly attract the attention of less-than-tidy business owners. Submit your receipts by post, email, or by the Android or iPhone Apps, and ReceiptBank will extract the important data (the name of the supplier, the date, the invoice number, the currency, tax, the total amount) giving you access to the records whenever, and wherever you need it. A very good idea!

Evernote Business – £8 per month subscription

Evernote has been a huge success among the general population for collating and distributing information and ideas. There is also a paid-for business version which might be of great interest to small business owners. This allows your team to pitch in their ideas, share and edit them in a clearly-designed and easy-to-use format. It includes a project management tool, a document repository and knowledge base, enabling people to view and share information from a wide array of media.

Expensify – Free

Managing expenses can be a frustrating and tedious task, so it’s clear there will always be a market for Apps that make the process easier. This little App can take care of much of the dirty work, including allowing you to take photos of receipts, with the software decoding it all. It also allows you to track things like mileage, time and keeps everything tidy and in one place.

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