How is your small business affected by Christmas?

How is your small business affected by Christmas?

As the festive season is now upon us for another year, we have been hearing from our customers about how Christmas can have a big impact on most businesses in a variety of ways.

Boom or bust

Retail businesses are the obvious place to start for the sectors that really target and rely on Christmas trade as part of their business model. The gift market is massive and sees almost every adult spending money on items they would never buy at any other time of the year. Shops, both online and offline, need to be well prepared to manage the extra workload during this time or they may regret it during other, quieter times of the year.

Restaurants, bars and pubs are also working non-stop to maximise revenues in December. It seems that every office, society, club or group of friends has a Christmas party and are prepared to spend a premium to have a great time. Many establishments are booked up from mid-November onwards with corporate parties and client events. I was invited to a Christmas party on the 10th November a few years ago. I politely declined. I love this time of year but I don’t want it to start during t-shirt weather!

Silly season

As mentioned above, the corporate world goes into a frenzy of hospitality during the last month of every year. Offices all over the UK are filled with exhausted, bleary-eyed staff who are dreading another night of turkey and forced chat, until they get there and end up dancing on the table wearing their tie as a bandana at 2am (that wasn’t me).

On a more serious note, this time can be really important in the business-to-business world. Key relationships can be built with clients if you use the opportunity to make some personal contact with people at a time they are expecting to be available for social events.

Deck the halls with boughs of tumbleweed

For the reasons explained above, Christmas can also be a very quiet time for some businesses, because all of their customers are very busy and unavailable due to their own seasonal priorities. Rather than sitting around twiddling their thumbs, many business owners plan to take their main holiday over the whole Christmas and New Year period.

If you can’t seem to reach any of your customers or contacts during this period, take some time off or focus on some of the jobs that you rarely have time to do in the busier periods, such as planning for the new year and analysing the previous year’s performance.

At Rosco Digital Media we are pleased to say that we are always busy, and we will be open every working day over the festive period. If you are considering a website design, logo design or social media project please, get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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