Website Speed Can Affect Your Business

Website Speed Can Affect Your Business

The speed at which your website loads can have a significant impact on your overall business. If your website takes more than five seconds to completely load, then research has shown that you are potentially losing 50% of your visitors before they have even loaded the page. With high-speed broadband now widely available, your visitors want to browse the Internet quickly. We know that expecting every website to load within milliseconds is unrealistic, but it is important to provide the best possible experience for your customers.


If your website is currently taking a while to load, then you really need to consider how your visitors are feeling. If they are sitting there looking at a blank white screen for five seconds, they are going to start getting impatient. People generally want websites to load within 1-3 seconds. They want to browse quickly without being kept waiting around. But, in addition to losing new customers, your website speed also has an effect on other parts of your business.


Google actively considers a website’s loading speed as part of their ranking algorithm. Each time their bots visit a website, they record how long it takes to load each of your pages. Faster loading pages are given a boost in the search engine rankings. Likewise, slower loading pages are demoted in the search results. Google and other search engines are continually looking to improve their search algorithms. They do this, not only by providing the most relevant results, but also providing users with the best performing websites for their searches.


When you search Google for a phrase, you want the results to recommend websites that have the content you need, but also sites that load extremely quickly. Ranking high in the search engines is all about providing the best overall user experience, and loading speed is one of the main factors that classifies as your site as providing a good (or bad) user experience. In reality, if a user finds your website in the search results, and your page takes eight seconds to load, then they are likely to hit the ‘back’ button and click on another website.


Let’s assume that you currently have a slow website, and a user has found your site via a Google search. Once the site has slowly loaded, they see a product that they are interested in, so they navigate through for more information. Once again, they have to wait another 8 seconds for the product page to load. Once loaded, they read the product’s description and a few reviews, and they are ready to make their purchase. They click order, and yet again wait another 8 seconds to be taken to the registration page. You will be lucky if they have made it this far, as many people will have given up and gone elsewhere. Having a fast website not only helps to improve your sales and conversions, but also speaks volumes about how much your business cares about a customer’s experience and satisfaction.


Your brand identity should be your main consideration. You want your visitors and customers to consider your brand reputable. If they get the opinion that you can’t afford a good web designer, or have slow shared hosting, they won’t be using your services again. When you navigate over to Amazon, you instantly feel that they are a trustworthy company. All of their pages load quickly, and you’re able to navigate through the site at the speed you would expect.


All in all, a faster website results in your business performing better. You are improving the user’s experience and you will be rewarded for it. You will also get better search engine rankings from a faster website – which will help bring in new visitors and customers. It is currently one of the most underestimated factors, but overall website speed is something all website owners should take much more seriously.


If you think that your website speed may be affecting your brand and jeopardising your business, we offer Affordable Website Design services for small businesses. A website redesign would take care of any issues you have with loading speed. We incorporate the most up-to-date techniques available to ensure that all of our websites load as fast as possible.


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