How to Source Free Images for Your Website

How to Source Free Images for Your Website

One of the key attributes to a site is obviously its appearance, but alongside good design, good images will help make your website rise above the competition. However, it’s not always easy to get hold of high-quality, relevant images cheaply. Not legally, anyway!
Searching for royalty-free images will bring up a wide range of companies offering high quality images that will instantly lend a professional look to your site. However, you will quickly learn that royalty-free does not mean cost-free! In fact, depending on the amount of pages you want to fill with sourced images, it could add a significant amount to the cost of your site set up. But there are options available to keep a lid on rising costs.


Perhaps the most straightforward is to take the photos yourself! Immediately discount this suggestion if you don’t consider yourself at least reasonably capable with a camera and don’t have access to good equipment. Bad images will look far worse than no images at all.
That said, if you do have a decent camera (preferably an SLR), it is quite easy with even basic photo editing software to achieve good results that will lift the look of the site. The other main bonus of this route is that there is no need to worry about copyright infringement.


Perhaps the largest source of searchable free images is Wikipedia. Many of them will be re-routes from Flickr, but the online encyclopedia offers a very simple way of hunting for good quality images on subjects that maybe other dedicated photo sites will not cover.
A word of warning, though, you must read the copyright information very carefully for each image as many do have quite specific restrictions for commercial use.

Free image sites

There are many sites such as that offer varying degrees of photo quality and often the choice is quite limited. They are worth checking out, however, and are very straightforward to use. A good number of these sites will have links to paid-for image comapnies such as and sometimes it can be confusing as to what is and what isn’t free becuase both free and paid for results will be shown when you enter a search. The quality of the photos is usually your best indication!
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