How to stop your business email getting wrongly flagged as spam

How to stop your business email getting wrongly flagged as spam

Email services are under a constant battle to rid their products from spam mailers. Spam accounts for more than 70% of all emails and it increases stress for users and diminishes product satisfaction. On the other hand, spam is big business with significant resources, though most people will wonder who on earth responds to spam messages to make them worth sending.

To combat the spammers, the major email providers have developed increasingly sophisticated filters to divert suspicious-looking emails from your inbox. These have been successful, but inevitably this has been at the expense of some legitimate emails, and small businesses are often the hardest hit. However, there are ways to ensure your emails reach your customers’ inboxes and don’t get zapped by spam filters.

Firstly, and most simply, test your emails before you send them. Register accounts with the most commonly used mail providers (Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo etc) and send your draft to each of them to see if they get picked up by the spam filters. If they do get blocked, make sure that you’re not using any of these common words that alert email services to spam. Remove them and test your email again.

Another thing to look out for when drafting your email is that you’re not using a wide range of fonts and font sizes. Try to keep your email looking clean and simple. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the slightly chaotic look of many spam messages, so try to make sure your email looks nothing like these! The spam filters are very sophisticated now and check for things like font sizes as well as the number of images in an email. A high number of images relative to the amount of text will also increase the likelihood of your email going straight into the spam section.

Another tactic being adopted by people is to contact your mailing list to ensure your business is added to their ‘Not Spam’ list. This is possibly the most effective method available, and also makes sure the people who receive your emails are genuinely interested in reading them.

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