Increasing Website Conversion Rates

Increasing Website Conversion Rates

It can be incredibly frustrating seeing traffic come and go on your site while your sales figures remain disappointingly low. What can be done to ensure that the people who visit in their droves stick around and part with some of their money?
Well, the good news is you’ve manged to clamber over one of the biggest hurdles. Getting a good stream of consistent traffic is one of the toughest things in online business, and the fact you’ve managed it means you’re doing something right!
However, no matter how many times you’ve read it – actually taking in the idea that it’s quality you’re after rather than quantity can be difficult, especially while you’re obsessing over your website analytics. But the fact is, 20 of the right people visiting your website each day is far better than 2,000 of the wrong people. That’s not to say that you should try to stop those people visiting your site, afterall they’re not doing you any harm, just not doing you a great deal of good (and there’s always a chance someone might decide to do business with you).
So if you’re experiencing regular traffic that isn’t turning into sales, it’s definitely worth looking into your analytics to see where it’s largely coming from. It could well be that a particular link to your site has appeared somewhere that gives people the wrong impression about what your business does.

Alternatively it could be something very simple. Does your site actually give people all the information they need in order to contact you or make a purchase? Ultimately, your site is in one way or another not meeting the expectations of its visitors, so something should be done to correct that.
The best way to do this and cover as many bases as possible is by having a very clear message from the outset, including choosing a company name and web address that clearly indicates what it is you do. This should then be followed by a clear, well-designed website that projects your message at all your times leaving no visitor in any doubt about how to conduct business with you.

There are also other sales tricks you can incorporate into your site to increase conversion rates. For instance, if you offer a service you can play around with the price you offer just for a week or two and see if that has an effect. Drop it well below the competition (even offer freebies) to get the ball rolling, and build business while gradually increasing the price again. Momentum is everything.

Rosco Digital Media’s team of designers will ensure your website has the best chance of converting your traffic into sales by designing pages that deliver clear, focused messages. All the packages that Rosco offer are SEO enabled which means that the traffic coming to your site will be the right traffic, increasing the chance that visitors will turn into sales. Contact us today to find out more.

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