Keep it Simple – Website Content and Functionality

Keep it Simple – Website Content and Functionality

When you describe the intricacies of the business you run to people at parties, do their eyes glaze over? If you start to run through the precise details of your health and safety policy, chances are they will be praying for their phone to suddenly ring, giving them the perfect escape route.
Your business is almost certainly one of the most important things in your life, and naturally you are proud of it and want to shout about it. However, even potential customers do not want to know everything about it, at least not immediately.
This makes it vital that when putting your website together, you don’t overload visitors with unnecessary content. As ever, with anything that involves an element of design (which is most things), the mantra: ‘keep it simple’, rarely fails to provide good results. The most important aspect of the landing page is that it leaves the visitor with no doubt as to the products and services you offer. What you do or sell, and how to contact you should be immediately apparent, and the best way of achieving this is by avoiding clutter.

Don’t Create a Rabbit Warren

That doesn’t mean that all the possible information can’t be on the site, but the more peripheral information should be organised into relevant pages away from the front page. This requires careful planning to ensure that the site’s functionality is up to scratch and that people can navigate freely without getting confused by a muddled site map.
There was a time in the early 2000s when many new sites suffered due to being overdesigned by web designers keen to show off how creative they were. They may have looked great initially, but apart from the fact that all but the fastest of internet connections failed to load them quickly, they were difficult to navigate, and looked fussy.

A Modern Approach

Since then, there has been a drive towards simplicity and pure functionality which has led to websites having a much crisper, cleaner appearance with overt design-led ideas taking a back seat. After all, people are now more familiar with the internet, and have a clearer idea of what they do and do not like; the majority of people do not want to be subjected to boundary-pushing, animated design when they try to get hold of a shop’s opening hours.
It is important to try to think from the perspective of a new customer who has no idea what you do. They should be able to get all the required information instantly and not be put off by having to navigate through several overdesigned pages first. Simplicity is straightforward!
At Rosco Digital Media, we understand the importance of keeping your site simple, both for your needs and your customers. Our team of designers will ensure your site looks the part with a clean design and optimum functionality. Contact us today to get your new site underway.

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