New small business website: a good time to re-brand?

New small business website: a good time to re-brand?

Maybe you have not had a website before, or you are updating a tired, old one, but the opportunity of getting a new website is often a point when small business owners think about a re-brand.

This could incorporate a new name or just a re-fresh of a logo, but no matter how extensive, everything should be thought through carefully because a re-brand is a major undertaking.

It is important to remember that the customer base you have built up over the years is highly valuable to the business, especially if there are long-term customers from your pre-digital days. They will have developed an almost ’emotional’ attachment with your business, and therefore your brand, so whatever you do, you need to ensure you do not lose these people as a result of a re-brand.

Only you can decide if your business has a significant number of customers who might not continue using your services with your new identity, so it might be worth testing the water with a few trusted people first.

The reasons for wanting to undertake a re-brand could be vast – due to increased competition, or maybe you just feel your corporate identity is a little old fashioned. It is often the case that logos originally designed to sit well on stationery simply don’t look right online, so it is important to consider the range of media you will be using over the coming years.

Another consideration is cost. If you have large amounts of stock carrying your old logo, the cost of re-printing stationery could be prohibitive, so you need to think about whether you are going to phase in the new look (by using up old stock) or enjoy the impact of a sudden switch.

Whatever you decide, there are companies such as Rosco Digital Media who can help you re-brand your business, from designing your new logo to creating your new-look website. We have years of experience helping small businesses like yours make the most of their online presence, so call us today to get your re-brand underway.

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