The Christmas corporate e-card: a worthwhile festive mail-out?

The Christmas corporate e-card: a worthwhile festive mail-out?

Most people consider the quantity of emails they receive to be excessive. Around the end of December the email levels dip a little as the festive season tends to be quiet for product launches for many industries. However by the beginning of December a new load of emails starts pinging into people’s mailboxes: the Christmas e-card.

Now I like Christmas as much as the next person, but there’s something weirdly un-Christmassy about these rather sorry creations. For a start, the first thing everyone is thinking is: “This company/person couldn’t be bothered to send me a card”. That’s not a great way to start off. The second thing is that they almost uniformly look dreadful.

When you consider these things in addition to the fact that quite a lot of people don’t open any email that looks even slightly less than life changing, you’ve got to wonder why people bother. The impact of a Christmas e-card is never more than making it clear to the recipient that the company has them on their database. They are probably more than aware of that.

There are plenty of ways that companies have sought to cash in on Christmas, but the e-card really feels like a low point. So how can businesses mark the festive season in a better way?

Perhaps adding some festive touches to your website or logo would be a better idea, or show some creativity with a festive competition for your loyal customers?

With people expecting and wanting to experience the human side of small businesses, it is very important to use promotional tools that really push that aspect, and e-cards certainly seem to go against that trend.

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