The Holy Grail: how to build customer loyalty

The Holy Grail: how to build customer loyalty

In the age of the internet, you may think that on old fashioned thing such as customer loyalty might be dead. People use comparison sites, switch providers at the drop of a hat, and use the ‘Price Low to High’ filter, picking the first thing they see that looks vaguely reasonable. But internet users are still human beings and they will always respond to the key pillars that promote customer loyalty, especially for small businesses.

The most important factor in building loyalty is ensuring the customer’s expectations are always met. Don’t over-promise on your product and then under-deliver, and don’t say someone will phone them within 12 hours and then send them an apologetic email 48 hours later. If you are a one-man-band and occasionally overstretched, it is always better to keep expectations of customer service low and then, hopefully, over-deliver on those expectations.

A small business can also engender loyalty by making the fact it’s a small business one of the major selling points. What many larger companies lack is a ‘human’ element, which smaller businesses can offer in abundance, and many people will want to buy into that long term.

Often it is not the fact that things go wrong that puts people off a business, but the way that problems are dealt with. In general, customers are willing to accept that hiccups will arise, but they expect them to be properly managed to a resolution as quickly as possible. This means keeping a constant line of communication with the customer and leaving no doubt in their mind that everything is under control.

Finally, customers just want to feel that they are being given a fair deal by the businesses they use. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the cheapest on the market – rather a combination of a reasonable price with excellent customer service and a general good experience. If you can deliver on these areas, the chances are you will develop customer loyalty and then repeat business.

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