The importance of price visibility on your site

The importance of price visibility on your site

It can be annoying when shopping with a budget and you find something that looks perfect but it has no indication of cost. You might try to find a shop assistant or email the manufacturer, but there is a good chance you might abandon ship altogether and look elsewhere. And it is incredible how quickly people do that online when faced with a hurdle.

This makes it vital that you ensure all the important information is readily available to even a casual browser, and if your business is based on selling products or services, an indication of price needs to be prominent. This can be more straightforward for some companies than others.

Small business owners may feel that it is difficult to match the low prices of bigger companies who hold greater buying power, and so might feel it necessary to hide prices away or omit them totally from the website (for example: “Contact for price list” or “Price on application”). This is a mistake as you are limiting your potential customer base rather than increasing it. To look at it another way, if you accept that some people will not be willing to pay your higher prices, making them contact you to find out those prices is unlikely to change anything. However, by not showing the prices you are taking out of the equation those people who might be willing to pay the extra, but who simply can’t be bothered to jump through hoops to find out what the price is. That could easily be a significant number of people.

To balance what may be a higher price tag than your big-business competitors you need to show people what’s in it for them when they use your company. For starters, many people just prefer dealing with small businesses, so make sure you really focus on those benefits: personal service, dealing with real people, local, family-owned etc. There are plenty of reasons why people will be willing to pay more for what a good, small business has to offer.

It’s not always easy to take a step back and look at your website objectively and from a neutral standpoint. That’s why using Rosco Digital Media rather than one of the big ‘self-build’ sites can instantly give you an advantage. We have many years’ experience building professional, low-cost websites for small businesses that are easy to maintain but offer great results. Contact us now to get your new website underway.

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