The perfect birthday present for the 21st Century – a professional modern website

The perfect birthday present for the 21st Century – a professional modern website

Thinking about what to get people as a birthday present can actually be quite stressful. But luckily, if the special person in your life is a small business owner, things might be getting a little easier – this year, at least!

Now that technology has made web design a much quicker process, it is possible to get a professionally-made website from companies such as Rosco Digital Media from as little as £79 (the price of a meal out for 2!). So, if your partner is a small business owner and their website maybe looks a little tired, why not treat them to a brand new site to get their business competing in the 21st century?

Full design service

In many ways it is the perfect modern gift, and as Rosco provides a full design service, rather than a build-your-own system, you know the gift will look just right. Think of it as getting them a bespoke outfit, rather than something off-the-peg. Just that little bit more special!

You will also be safe in the knowledge that the site will look great on any device as Rosco products are all built with responsive design, meaning they adapt according to the size and shape of the screen being used. So with such a wide range of smartphones and tablets, your site will always be easy to read and navigate.

Converting to sales

But looks are only one part of it. Rosco Digital Media knows that a great looking site is still useless if it doesn’t work as a tool for converting interest into sales, so we ensure that each site is optimised both in terms of search engine ranking and lead conversion.

For any small business owner, a new site from Rosco would be a fun, practical and inexpensive present that truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Contact us today and see how we can help you sort out your gift dilemma!

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