The Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own SEO

The Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own SEO

SEO for many website owners is one of the key drivers for their success (or lack of it). It is therefore no surprise that quite a large industry has evolved whereby an external business ensures that a website is constantly optimised for the big search engines. That in itself should tell you that many businesses see keeping up with SEO is something that needs to be farmed out (often for big money) rather than something they can do themselves.
Once you have a great small business website design in place, the next step is to think seriously about how you are going to drive visitors to the site. SEO is certainly one of the marketing functions that you should consider. It is undoubtedly true that it can be a tricky thing to keep up. But as with most things, the basics aren’t that hard, it’s the perseverance and application that count. Here is a look at the pros and cons of doing your own SEO:


· It’s much cheaper to do it yourself. Even a small-ish website can set you back several hundred pounds a month for SEO. Think of the other things you could spend it on!
· Nobody understands your business better than you. This means that keeping control of all aspects of your website means that all your resources are pushing towards the same goal.
· Why won’t he answer the phone? As with all external partners, you’re at the mercy of their reliability, holiday plans, and personnel changes. When an emergency strikes you want to be sure that they answer the phone and can help.
· If you’re not in a particularly competitive niche of the internet, getting up the rankings might be quite easy.


· OK, it may well be much cheaper to do it yourself, but SEO can take up A LOT of your time. And time is money. You really need to weigh up how much of your time you are willing to devote to SEO and decide whether that amount of time is actually going to achieve your SEO goals. There are now reputable companies like Rosco Digital Media providing affordable website design, and SEO is no different. There are hundreds of high quality providers out there, so you can definitely find a trustworthy company in your price range.
· Goal posts will move. The search engine giants will periodically change their algorithms to ensure people aren’t abusing their criteria. This means you need to be on the ball, and a dedicated company certainly should be.
· A novice can do damage. If you get things wrong, it could prove even more costly getting in a company to put things right again.

Getting Started

Basically, this is very much an individual decision based on the particular situation your small business is in, but hopefully these few points can get you on track to making the right judgement.
When purchasing a low cost website design from Rosco Digital Media, you can be sure that all aspects of the service are engineered towards making the site as SEO friendly as possible. This gives you the option of venturing into SEO yourself, or getting in hired help. Either way, you’re covered with Rosco. Contact us today to find out more.

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