Should You Make Your Own Website?

Should You Make Your Own Website?

Making your own website can be a very rewarding activity, if you are a creative person and you enjoy a challenge. Once you have seen the project right through to the end, you should feel satisfied that you have saved some money and learned some new skills. However, the reality of making a website for the first time is that you need a lot of spare time and patience, as you’re likely to encounter many challenges along the way.

The overall process of designing a small business website from start to finish can take anything from hours to months – depending on the complexity of the project. There are now many great tools available to help people with no experience, such as WordPress and Joomla. These content management systems offer a wide range of resources to help guide you through the process of creating a site, and can be a great option for small businesses with spare time and no budget. However, while there are many advantages to creating your own website, there are also disadvantages that you should consider.



Advantages of Making Your Own Website


Experience – As you progress with the development of your website, you will learn a lot about the Internet, very quickly. If you’re a novice or an intermediate website developer, you may have to use Google or other search engines to find help as you progress. The whole process of designing a website is naturally a learning curve but it will give you some great experience which can be used again on other projects in future.


Satisfaction – Finishing your first website is a very satisfying experience! It feels great to know that you’ve worked hard to finish your project, and learned a lot of new skills. More often than not, you will have spent weeks working on your first website and encountered several problems. Fixing those problems and reaching the finishing point is a great feeling.


Cost – Creating a website yourself can obviously save you money. You won’t need to employ a web designer, as you will be doing the work yourself. An important thing to consider is approximately how many hours it will take you to make the website. You need to decide whether your time is more valuable working in your business and making money, or saving money by spending the time making a website. Only you will know which offers better value for your business.



Disadvantages of Making Your Own Website


Time – Making your own website can be time consuming and requires both dedication and motivation. The creative design work itself can be completed reasonably quickly if you already have some good ideas about the style you want. However, any complications with the more complex coding aspects of the project can cause long delays if you are a beginner. Finding errors in your code and correcting them often takes several hours, as you will need to search the web for instructions in forums and help guides. So be prepared, designing your own website is going to require a lot of your time, both at the start, and every time you want to make updates in future.


Knowledge – Designing your website from scratch can be a rewarding process, but in order to create it to your exact specifications, you’re going to need a set of skills and knowledge. Even user-friendly content management systems like WordPress require a basic understanding of how a website structure works, and how to make simple changes to the php code. As with most skills, there is a wealth of knowledge available online to help, and you can teach yourself to understand these elements if you have the desire to learn.


Errors – Could you afford to have your website offline for a few days whilst you research how to fix an error in the code? As briefly touched upon earlier, it is inevitable that all beginner-built websites will go through a phase of testing and error correction. One major factor to consider is that if you are unable to fix a problem with your website, you’re going to need to get help from an expert. Freelance web developers are available but can be very expensive. If you end up employing someone for a day to fix problems with your site, you may end up paying them nearly as much as a professionally built website would cost.


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