The Pros and Cons of Pop-Up Chat Boxes

The Pros and Cons of Pop-Up Chat Boxes

When you’re browsing in a store, sometimes you just want to be left alone to weigh up what’s on offer at your own leisure. Having a shop assistant constantly asking you if you need help can end up being irritating rather than comforting, and so many people prefer shopping online for that reason alone.
However, in recent years more websites have included pop-up chat boxes that enable website visitors to interact with a member of staff, helping them with any queries. So, is it worth including a pop-up chat box on your small business website design? Here are the pros and cons:


Adds a human element to a website. This is perhaps the most important benefit to the punter, and closes the gap between online and physical trading by removing the element of doubt as to whether the company behind the website is actually still in business or run by human beings. It is possible that this benefit works even if the visitor chooses not to engage with through the chat box; the fact that it is there is enough.
Ability to sway people who are ‘on the fence’. It must constantly be at the back of many small business owners’ minds – “How many ‘near misses’ have I had on my site today?” Having the ability to speak to people while they are on your site and troubleshoot any ‘deal breakers’ is potentially a very useful tool.
Allows you to gauge what parts of the website are confusing. If through your pop-up chat box you are constantly having to deal with the same query, you should soon learn that it might be worth making some changes to the site to ensure visitors are less confused. This is a great way of having regular live testing of your site. It doesn’t matter whether you employ the best designer in the world or opt for a low cost website design company, every website needs to be routinely assessed and updated to respond to feedback and advancements in technology. This live chat functionality can offer a way to collect that feedback for free.


Will people use it? Perhaps the major drawback for these systems is that people can seem pretty reluctant to use them, which largely defeats the point of having them in the first place. You will need to weigh up the benefits of just having the service available against the cost of running/installing it.
It can seem intrusive. As mentioned earlier, some people find the pop-up rather intrusive and you don’t really want to be getting people’s backs up within a few seconds of landing on your website. Maybe it’s worth considering different approaches?
Just make sure the contact details are clear! Probably the best of these ‘other approaches’ is simply to make sure that all your contact details are clearly visible to anyone visiting your site. That way, if they want to find out more there is no way they will struggle to find out how to make enquiries at their own pace.
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