The pros and cons of working from home

The pros and cons of working from home

From the perspective of all the millions of office-bound workers, one of the major benefits of running your own small business is the opportunity to work from home. It all seems rather idyllic – waking up, having breakfast, and then switching on the laptop – completely bypassing the stress and expense of the daily commute.

In truth, there are many benefits to working from home. From flexibility of child care routines, to lack of irritating colleagues and many, many more. But what are the downsides to the obvious pluses?

The first negative is quite a significant one; the fact you never really feel separated from work. Operating from an office means there will always be a division between your work life and home life, allowing you to mentally switch off from work the moment you step through your front door. However, there are ways around this. Many cities and larger towns will have companies renting out office space and hot desks for very reasonable rates (around £30 a week for a hot desk). If this is an affordable option for you, it will give you that separation without the hefty overheads of a full scale office venture.

If this doesn’t appeal, you can also consider a garden office, which can be bought as a DIY flat-pack starting from around £1500. This will give something like the required distance from home life for a one off payment.

One of the big complaints of home-based workers is the lack of interaction with colleagues. Sure, you can be in contact with others by email and phone, but these mediums will never compensate for the lack of human interaction or banter. You can’t go for a quick lunch meeting and there are no water cooler moments. The potential isolation is a big thing to consider.

Equally there will be enforced isolation if you are no IT wizard and you have a computer meltdown. Having an IT department is rarely considered a positive by most people who have to regularly deal with them, but you will recognise their value if you go it alone.

What can ease the problems associated with managing a small business from home is choosing high quality service providers who understand your needs. Rosco Digital Media is precisely one of these companies, founded in order to help small businesses improve their online profile and in turn find a quicker route to success.

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