We like our little screens big as larger smartphone sales growing in UK

We like our little screens big as larger smartphone sales growing in UK

It’s a cut-throat world out there, and quite a confusing one too. Technology companies are still scratching their heads trying to lock down the perfect formula for mobile web consumers. Do they want wi-fi only 7 inch tablets, or 10 inch 3g/4g tablets, or are 5 inch smartphones the long term future? The truth is, nobody really knows beyond the fact that PCs seem to be fading out of the equation along with notebooks.

The one other certainty is that smartphone screens in general are continuing to expand. Long gone are the days when manufacturers were engaged in a race to build the smallest possible device. We now need to watch HD movies and browse the web and read books, and we need to do so comfortably and with pin-sharp clarity.

Recent reports have suggested that even 7 inch tablets are starting to sell at a slower rate. This could be due to a slowing of technological advancements to encourage people to upgrade, and also that as mobiles get larger, they make the 7 inch platform redundant.

As an owner of a Nexus 7 myself, I have found that I’m beginning to use it less and less, preferring to use my Samsung S4 instead. Despite their smaller size, smartphones tend to be just as, if not more, powerful than small tablets and their screens higher quality, both in terms of resolution and sensitivity to touch. The 7 inch tablets offer little in addition to a smartphone and lack the call-making capabilities.

So, if this trend were to continue towards a logical conclusion, that would mean the two surviving platforms would be 5 inch smartphones and 10 inch tablets. It will still be a few years before ‘smart wearables’ such as watches and glasses start to really find their feet (or wrists and heads).

More often than not, notebooks and tablets are left at home, meaning the majority of individual online sessions will be done on a smartphone as that is the device people carry on them the most. Perhaps more detailed and lengthy sessions will be done on a laptop or tablet, but the importance of phones to website owners is becoming greater.

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