What Options are Available for Affordable Web Design?

What Options are Available for Affordable Web Design?

It’s a familiar problem for so many small business owners: how can you have a great website designed that caters to your corporate requirements, being attractive to look at, easy to navigate and informative as well as cost-effective? Certainly, for those larger multinational corporations, money can be no object, but most firms can’t exactly afford to employ someone to code a website from the ground up, page by page, in an entirely bespoke manner.
Below are some of the popular options for those that require more affordable web design.

WYSIWYG Web Builders/Editors

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web builders appeal to the least technical small business owners, as they give them a way of building a website without needing to learn any programming language. With the ability to preview how your site will look once the work is done, a WYSIWYG editor allows for the addition, removal and movement of different design components.
Certainly, this can be a good option for those who would like to have the hard work done for them beforehand, but who would still like a decent amount of freedom in designing their own website. However, for those who desire something a bit more advanced and distinctive, not to mention professional, a WYSIWYG editor may not go quite far enough.

Professional Bespoke Websites

Having a website designed for you by a top web designer on a bespoke basis, and with the most professional applications in mind, is certainly not the most affordable of options, but you may decide that it is the most cost-effective option, all factors considered.
Consulting a web designer who will design your site from the most basic elements will generally mean starting with a detailed discussion about your budget and objectives for the final website. There may be certain aspects of your company website that you are more prepared to compromise on than others. This approach also allows for the accommodation of any more specialised and sector-specific requirements.
The result will be a website designed to your own specifications, being well-optimised for the search engines, intelligently integrated with social media and guaranteed to woo visitors of all types. However, that initial start-up cost can be steep, and you may feel that there are certain compromises that you can tolerate in return for a site that is ready faster and that has fewer maintenance headaches.

Website Templates

Many company websites, especially for small businesses, end up being somewhere between the two aforementioned extremes, with an established content management system – such as WordPress – being used that ensures the basic reliability and performance of the website. Such content management systems are trusted the world over, and mean that a website does not have to be coded, page by page, from scratch.
There are some website templates out there that are more limited in their available customisation options than others. Some, for example, may be pretty much ready except for content like images and text, with the design and navigation already catered for. It may also be possible to alter certain other basic design elements, like the colour scheme, while special options like a contact form may also be available.
Website templates and pre-existing content management systems greatly appeal to many of the small business owners out there who would like to exercise great freedom with the look of their website, but who would like the more technical aspect of their online presence to be dealt with beforehand. Certainly, using a content management system like WordPress puts you in good company, and still gives you a lot of flexibility with regard to design, whereas many other website templates are more limiting and don’t allow for much variation in the look and feel of your finished website.

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