Why you need to remember the point of digital marketing

Why you need to remember the point of digital marketing

Small business owners have a difficult job when it comes to allocating marketing budget. For the majority, the budget is pretty tight and they will often have to spread that across all the different media. Digital marketing is attractive as it is often considered cheap though perhaps not particularly effective. It’s low-cost, so what the hell – if it works, it works, but if not, who cares? In many cases, this is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, in that people don’t really expect it to work, so little effort is put in, and – what a surprise! – it doesn’t offer much in return.

This is a great shame, because with a little more investment, digital marketing can truly transform the way in which a small business is perceived and performs. The fact that the initial outlay can be quite small when starting a concerted digital marketing campaign should not in any way give you the impression that it should be taken lightly. The low cost is more than compensated by the amount of effort needed to make it work, and as the campaign develops over time and you discover what works for you, it is worth considering investing more funds into your digital marketing budget.

For instance, social media is now a popular way for small businesses to get started in digital marketing, and rightly so. But many people forget that one of the primary functions of social media for businesses is, or at least should be, driving traffic to their websites, and often this fact is forgotten or overlooked. So, you work long and hard building a profile on Twitter, gaining good support but you find that people aren’t hanging around long on your site or the conversion levels aren’t what you expected. Equally, if you have decided to take out online advertising, the same thing applies. The majority of people will want to click through to your website before picking up the phone to call you, or send you an email. Your website is the hub of your digital marketing campaign.

This is where Rosco Digital Media can help you. As specialists in digital marketing, Rosco can develop your small business’s online profile to ensure there is a coherent relationship between your social media platforms, online advertising and your website. Not only will we make sure they all look great, but we will also ensure they work hard for you, giving you the best return on your investment. With Rosco you can be sure that all the technical stuff is taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on building your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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