Why you should stop using outdated web browsers

Why you should stop using outdated web browsers

Internet security is in the news almost daily at the moment. Many of us will have heard of ‘phishing’ scams, trojans, and viruses or even been the victim of them. The reports can be quite scary, and people will often wonder how on Earth they can adequately protect themselves against these cyber villains. Surprisingly, one relatively simple way to increase online security often isn’t mentioned, and that’s to update your web browser.

Web browsers are the software that allows computers to present online information, but they are also one of the main routes that enable viruses to transfer from one computer to the next. The companies that produce web browsers will offer updates to ensure that their latest versions are kept protected from viruses, but older versions may not be included in the updates. This means that running an old version of a web browser leaves the user vulnerable to attack. Equally the nasty people that create viruses will target the software they feel is used by the largest demographic, which will almost always be a browser that’s a good few years old.

If you’re running Internet Explorer 7 or 8, get updating NOW! The latest version of Internet Explorer is version 11, though there are several other browsers worth considering. The most popular web browser worldwide is now Google’s Chrome. While this had a number of stability issues when it was first released in 2008, it is now much improved and offers very fast page loading.

Security isn’t the only reason to stop using an old web browser. Newer browsers are much quicker and make web pages look far better (something Rosco Digital Media is very passionate about!), so updating massively increases enjoyment of the internet.You’ll find they crash much less often as well.

However, if your small business is run using an ancient web browser, Rosco seriously recommends you consider upgrading at the earliest opportunity in order to protect your data from viruses and the like.

When choosing to use services provided by Rosco, you can be confident that the team will ensure you’re in the best position to transform the online side of your business. This is why the bespoke, personal approach of Rosco is so much more powerful than other options such as DIY website providers. Contact us today to find out more.

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