Will wearable tech be the next big thing?

Will wearable tech be the next big thing?

Google Glass is to be made available to the general public for one day this month. Costing $1000, this product has been in the news a great deal over the past 12 months especially considering it’s not been available to buy. The Glass has also brought to the fore the concept of wearable technology, which has always flitted in and out of the headlines without ever really making a lasting impact. Could this piece of kit finally make wearable tech the norm?

So far, Google Glass has been met with mixed feedback during its beta testing stage. Some people feel it looks too nerdy (though Ray Ban have been brought in to improve its visual appeal) and more importantly a distraction while driving. It has also raised concerns regarding privacy as it has the ability to record video relatively surreptitiously. Perhaps the biggest issue is that this might be a case of a solution in search of a problem – what is the point of wearing smart glasses?

Personally, I can see this type of wearable technology taking quite a while to take off, but eventually it will. Ultimately it does serve a purpose in that constantly referring to your phone for information can be irritating and slow. Being able to call up information in an instant without having to reach into your pocket, type into a search engine and then digest the information, will be a major benefit, but the form and functionality of the product has to be right, and the consumer base has to be ready for it. Once the technology is available to make wearing smart glasses pleasurable and easy, and that will happen sooner or later, Google Glass or a competitor will succeed.

It may be the case that a ‘stepping stone’ product needs to succeed first before a Google Glass type product can win the public over. In many ways the much-hyped smart watch, such as the Samsung Gear, is just that product. Samsung famously rushed out their first generation Gear before it was properly ready amid rumours that Apple were about to launch their own version. The next generation of Gear has been much improved and looks set to perform much better in terms of sales too, paving the way for general acceptance of wearable technology.

We are heading towards a point where we are always connected to the internet no matter where we are, and Google Glass-type technology is the logical progression of that process. This makes it all the more important that as technology continues to develop at pace, businesses of all sizes are ready to adapt and hold their own online. Although some of the technology can be baffling, ensuring your business performs well online needn’t be stressful or confusing. By using a company such as Rosco Digital Media to create a bespoke, fully functioning website at a very affordable price means you don’t need to be Bill Gates, or have his bank account, in order to make the most of your online presence.

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